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Value-Added Courses

Along with regular master’s degree programme, Tirupati Institutes offers value added certification courses to develop multifaceted, skilled and employable professionals.

SAP Certification
50% discount on SAP fees

SAP® is an industry-recognized certification which offers comprehensive training with the view to enhance your employability. It is an advanced, modern day tool, designed for business management of any organization. This certification provides you an opportunity to learn how business and analytics can be blended on the ERP platform.

Today around 70% of the Forbes 500 companies and millions of other organisations around the globe run their business with the help of ERP developed by SAP®. The main thing that entices students from varied backgrounds to pursue SAP® certification is the enormous rise in the demand for SAP® consultants in the corporate world. Being SAP® certified professional, it's most easy to find a suitable and lucrative job than any other certification course.


1.50 Lac (Any specialization under the R3 module)

Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
Management matters to you, it matters to us.

CMI is the only chartered professional body in the UK dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence. Helping managers achieve our qualifications and assessing training needs is just a small part of our offer to employers. CMI is the body for management and leadership qualifications, and the only body that awards Chartered Manager, the hallmark of any professional manager.


2.50 Lac (For 12 to 15 months course)

Qualification Name: Level 7 Diploma in Strategic and Management Leadership (QCF)

The following topics will be covered in QCF Diploma:

  • 7001V1 Personal Leadership Development
  • 7002V1 Developing Performance Management
  • 7003V1 Financial Management
  • 7004V1 Strategic Information Management
  • 7005V1 Strategic Management Project Work
  • 7006V1 Reviewing Organization Strategy Plans & Performance
  • 7007 V1 Financial Planning
  • 7009 V1 Strategic Project Management
  • 7010 V1 Implementing Organizational Change Strategies

Stock Market:

Stock Market certification ensures that you have an adequate knowledge of the various stock exchange operations. It develops your understanding of how stock market exactly works, the basics of financial management, and how to analyze and pick the best companies to invest in. You also gain in-depth knowledge of Capital Market, Derivative Market, Commodities Market and Currency Market.

  • Introduction to stock market
  • Understand stock market functioning in detail
  • Gain in depth knowledge of capital market
  • Gain complete knowledge of derivatives
  • Gain complete knowledge of currency market
  • Practical training on LIVE MARKET TRADING Software
  • Learning from market participants

2 Weeks



Life Balance:

Tirupati Institutes is touting a new certification as an innovative way for the optimization of life balance culture. This certification is oriented to enlighten students on how to maintain a strong balance between work interests and other concerns.

The life balance certification delivers tools that will produce unmatched results for you. These tools include stress and time management solutions that can be applied on and off the job. By mastering life balance skills you get more control and value in both professional and personal life. The outcome of this certification is skilled, accountable and committed professionals.


The life balance certification inculcates following solutions tohelp you strike perfect balance between personal and professional life.

  • Life Balance: what it means
  • Achievement and Empowerment for life-time goals
  • Accepting responsibility for your own work and life results
  • A method for staying in balance every day
  • Improved productivity through quick and effective planning and organization
  • Techniques for time management solutions to maximize quality time at work or with Family - Friends - Yourself
  • Connecting daily activities to work-life goals

2 Weeks



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